Friday, June 17, 2011

Kickin' It in Kittredge, Part 4: Powahouse

The design has morphed over time and is different from this version but Powahouse won zoning relief for "off-street parking, side and front yards, visibility across the corner, and floor area ratio," according to neighborhood business placetailor spokesperson Simon Hare. Two doors away from the Kittredge Mansion on Linwood Street, Powahouse has already sold unit "Z" and units "X" and "Y" are still for sale. Hare still plans to build these units to strict Passivhaus standards which will make them unique in the city of Boston.

Hurdles to an early fall ground breaking are a design review with the BRA, a code review with ISD,  and how sales go.  The architect is East Boston based Schneider Studio.

Powahouse artist's sketch - Kittredge House to the right.

Powahouse lot, June 2011.

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