Friday, April 15, 2011

Riding a Bike on Mass. Ave. Boston, Pre-Bike Lane

The meeting Thursday night about bike lanes on Mass. Ave. inspired me to ride Mass. Ave., which I usually avoid. This ride was late in the morning so there's not very much traffic. 

Bike's Eye View: Riding the BU Bridge

Ever wonder, while you're in your car crossing the BU Bridge, what the perspective is like for the people on bikes? Here's a peek. The dutch angle is not deliberate - there's no viewfinder on my camera so it's catch as catch can. Plus, I can't ride and shoot, silly!

Numbers Man Gets Viscera(l)

Back in December, the sculpture Alchemist (2010) by Jaume Plensa appeared at MIT on the lawn of the Stratton Student Center on Mass. Ave. As the MIT List Visual Art Center website will tell you, the work was "commissioned by an anonymous donor, and lent by the artist and Galerie Lelong to MIT for one year in celebration of the Institute’s 150th anniversary".

But someone apparently thought numbers man was lacking content and inserted offal: red heart, pink intestine, yellow liver (or gall bladder?).  My camera does not do the viscera justice.  They were removed a short time after being inserted. This photo was taken on 2 February 2011.