Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kickin' It in Kittredge, Part 2: BHA to Develop Asphalt Lot

The Boston Housing Authority will be constructing housing on the chain-link enclosed asphalt lot at 74 Highland Street and 13 Dorr Street, which abuts Kittredge Park on the diagonal.  They also plan on making facade and entryway improvements to 52-68 Highland Street, which overlooks the park.

Edit, 26 June 2011: During meetings in the winter of 2010 with the BHA, the neighborhood expressed a pronounced interest in exclusively market rate housing for what will probably be eight new units. Given that there are already 26 two and three bedroom BHA units at 50-68 Highland Street, immediately across from the undeveloped lot, the BHA agreed. The BRA had suggested a denser build of up to 16 units but that idea went away. There was also discussion of mixed use development on the lot but that, too, got shot down. Profits from the market rate housing would be utilized in the low-income units across the way.

This isn't "news" in that nothing "new" seems to be happening with the lot since the meeting two winters ago. There is simply a lot of stuff happening in and around Kittredge Park now and for the foreseeable future and I thought each project warranted its own pictures and post.

The flowering crabapples in May made it look much nicer than it is.

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  1. I am curious as to what kind of housing will be constructed at this former parking lot. Will it be low income, middle income, mixed income?

  2. I think the idea was that it would be market rate housing which would be a completely appropriate and necessary move to balance out the housing demographic on that corner (and in Roxbury at large) since it's across the street from a very large BHA subsidized housing complex.

    Urbanica, Inc. will be the developer.