Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Thing I Hate Most About Roxbury

Roxbury (like the world, I suppose)  is full of incredibly bruised people.  The legacy of slavery, a history of second class citizenship, racism, poverty - these are all serious bruisers.  But so many folks ignore their personal pain and channel it toward thwarting good in the world.  It's an I hurt, I'm gonna make you hurt too way of being.  And it's most destructive coming from the folks in the area who have done well for themselves and are working (allegedly) to restore the area to its rightful place as a gem in Boston.

Victimhood, embraced too long, forges its own chains.  The negativity, hostility, blaming, and subtle undermining are wearing on me.  Deal with your own shit, please, and stop blaming everyone else.  Thank you.

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