Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking Good at Both Ends of Dudley

At one end of Dudley, you can learn about Maximon, the Santiago Atitlan Mayan Lord of Looking Good. At the other end, you can shop at this store which has been in Dudley Sq. since the '30's. (It's grated cause the picture was taken on a Sunday).  Current proprietors came on board in the '50's. They sell some kick-ass wigs that'll keep you looking good.  For every book store in Harvard Square, Dudley has a hairdresser or barber shop.

Maximon, who was once persecuted and made to go underground, is a partier. I don't think Harvard Sq. does have a liquor store but Dudley has two on the same block and at least three more within easy walking distance. Giant Liquors is open on Sundays, thank Maximon, when the rest of Dudley is shuttered, cause if there's anything the poor and disenfranchised need, it's legal drugs.

Is this a great storefront or what? I see an old-fashioned soda fountain in there. Or a flower shop.

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