Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sheep No More: Screamer in the House

A cry rang out, one I didn't recognize, and it turned out to be a scream from an audience member.  A scream she repeated a few times when startled.   She was fine so it was kinda fun.

Another younger woman came up to me demanding, "Where do I go?"  When asked that question, sometimes I shrug, sometimes I point in two possible directions at once, which is what I did for her.  She whimpered and pulled out her Blackberry, its screen like another spotlight in the hall.

"Are you ok?"  I whispered.  She was sniffling and snuffling.  She was freaked out.

"The elevator guy separated me from my boyfriend," she said.

"It's ok.  You'll be ok.  Go to the bar.  Catch your breath.  Text him from there."

So she went into the middle of the main corridor with her Klieg light of a Blackberry.

I fed her to Norman.

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