Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spicy Dudley

Inside Mr. G's Plaza on Warren street there used to be hair, lots of hair. Hair for weaves, hair for extensions, hair for braids, and hairdressers. Now, just inside the door, there is Merkato, an Ethiopian market, named after the huge Merkato in Addis Ababa. Partners Lebeza Alemu and Desalegn Yifru opened the shop last December. They sell legumes, spices, and best of all, fresh baked injera, an unleavened flatbread made of buckwheat Teff flour and cooked on a flat griddle. Teff is an ancient grain originating in Ethiopia but sourced by Dudley Merkato from Idaho. Merkato also sells the wheat based sweet bread ambusha.

Update: Lebeza says they have two kinds of injera: Teff only and Teff with barley.

Mr. G's was flooded on March 22 and although the flood had no effect on Merkato, the entire complex has been shut down and will open as soon as March 31, Lebeza hopes.


  1. Injera is traditionally made of Teff flour, not buckwheat (and it's cooked like a pancake, not baked). Do they use buckwheat?

  2. Proper injera is pure teff flower (gluten free). My gripe in Boston/Cambridge/Etc is that all the Ethiopian places mix wheat with their injera, and I can't have wheat. In NJ and DC, places will make proper Teff injera, which is gluten free. Why not up here? Who knows, but hopefully this place is the real deal and I'll be able to get it somewhat locally for a change.

  3. Yes, yes, they do make it with Teff! My notes were taken back in December and I was hasty in writing this post.

  4. do anybody know where the exact address is? or any contact info???