Thursday, March 31, 2011

Christo and Jeanne-Claude in Dudley Square?

Ok, ok, mebbe not. It's the new headquarters of Historic Boston, Inc., under wraps.

HBI, under wraps.

HBI, March 2011, under construction.

Torrent Six from the BPL Archives
This is supposedly what it used to look like but this picture always confuses me because the Eliot Burial ground should be visible immediately to the left of the building and I don't see it.


  1. See the guy standing beside the building above everyone else? He's standing on the wall. Now look to the far left. After the first man on the left, there's a guy in the background. The ground of the graveyard is at his eye level.

  2. Thanks, Mark. Depth of field in this picture makes the wall of the burial ground look like it is so much further away than it really is, I think.

  3. I got into the graveyard by climbing right at the old fire station a couple years ago. Tricky for a guy my age. ;-)

  4. Good for you! I got in in a really boring way - through the gate - during an archeological dig the city was doing a couple years ago in advance of the construction on the firehouse. Someday I will post those pictures.