Thursday, February 18, 2010

Copley BPL: Turn Down the Bleepin' Thermostat

Unfortunate that the city is planning library cuts.

I visited the Copley branch today to see the wonderful Man on the Street photo exhibit (free!) and another on Poe (free!) which I couldn't peruse as carefully as I would have liked because I thought I would pass out it was so bleeping hot in there.  Seriously, it was ridiculously hot - which in a public building is fiscally irresponsible.

The library could save millions if it simply turned down the thermostat several notches.   Even then, the environment would be warm but if they were uncomfortable with cooler than tropical conditions, librarians might be willing to don a sweater, or even a scarf and some fingerless gloves if it meant saving a colleague's job.

I'd be willing, as neighbor Mary Ann Nelson suggested, to pay ten bucks for a library card but only once I'm sure they're not going to squander it on improvident heating expenditures.

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  1. They can turn the heat down in the W. Roxbury branch too! It's really unbearable & must be wasting alot of money.