Tuesday, February 2, 2010

85 Centre St. Beehive Collapse

This is 85 Centre Street, the site of what many in the neighborhood still hope is a possible Darryl Settles development project.  It's not made of cinder block, but brick.   Columbus Ave. brings up the rear of the parcel.

The plan was to raze this building and, using the two adjacent empty lots, build a lounge/restaurant with 6 condos above it.  Mixed used development:  urban sustainable living at its best.

The listserv hummed for a week with people stating reasons (mostly)  for and (some) against the proposal. But what was initially a high quality debate on quality of life issues precipitated by development, gradually degenerated into a tussle over whether we should call the district Fort Hill or Highland Park. Sigh.

Many are disappointed that they're forced to spend their disposable income in other areas and would love the opportunity to drop it here, at a righteous Darryl Settles jazz club. I'm particularly disappointed because I've watched as slimeballs buy and ooze their way into the neighborhood while the legitimate ones, like Settles, are shown the door before they step on the curb.   I'd gladly trade the very quiet but illegal and way overcrowded boarding house across the street from me for a mixed use condo/jazz club development, in a finger-snap.


  1. Good idea, have him buy the boarding house and open up the club across from your house!

  2. To all of you who think you know Mr. Settles he is not the great person you make him out to be. Take heed...... he's out for himself not the neighborhood.

  3. It's not Settles himself that we're excited about - it's the idea of a quality restaurant/music venue: somewhere within walking distance that we can hang out at the end of the day. Almost any decent developer will do. Of course Settles is out for himself. Isn't everyone? The abutters who didn't want the restaurant, those of us who did - we all were pulling for our own desires and interests.