Sunday, January 17, 2010

Filthy Dudley

Walking through Dudley Square yesterday I was struck by how FILTHY the streets were - strewn with garbage and trash of all kinds. Dudley Main Street Director Joyce Stanley works really hard for the businesses of Dudley, trying to build up the district. Not really sure what the businesses do for themselves - except for complain about how no one is doing anything for them.

Businesses of Dudley: get out there with brooms and trash bags, daily! Clean it up! And if you need help, once you've demonstrated a willingness to help yourself, I am certain the good people of Roxbury, would be happy to chip in during a twice yearly Clean Dudley work day.

I am tempted to pull a Mike Dukakis myself (god, I love that man) and walk through the square the way he walks through the Fens on his way to work at Northeastern: with a big trash picking up waste as he goes. And when one congratulates him for taking initiative, he'll just say something like the work starts with us, or you've got to be willing to do it yourself and not leave it to someone else. I forget what he actually said but how can you not adore a man who walks the talk.


  1. I agree 100%. The square is dirty and the businesses could certainly do more. Maybe they could involve some of the vagrants by paying them a small sum to sweep on a regular basis, too.

  2. That's a great idea - about involving the vagrants. Landlords, too, should be a part of clean-up efforts.