Saturday, January 23, 2010

Boston Highlands Hero

While Dudley might be a detritus disaster, we here in the Boston Highlands benefit from the tireless efforts of neighbor James Hudson.  Now in his 70's, he'd tried sitting in front of the television all day when he first retired but it drove him crazy.  So he started doing work around the neighborhood, cleaning up public spaces that needed cleaning and pruning and mowing and sweeping and raking.

A patch of greenspace on Rockledge St. stays marvelously manicured but, unlike all of the city designated parks, I never noticed city workers in it.  Later found out it's James who takes care of it.  Cooper Clarke community garden on Linwood benefits from James' willingness to work as hard as he can from sun-up til sun-down.  His own garden patch is always perfectly maintained and he trims and edges common areas in the rest of the garden area.  To the best of my knowledge, he's not paid for the work but derives satisfaction from having a meaningful way to pass the day.

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