Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Snakes in Roxbury

No, I'm not writing about Diane Wilkerson or the Roxbury Neighborhood Council, which has failed to file legitimizing documents with the Secretary of State for at least five years now yet continues to raise and disburse funds.  To whom and for what those funds are disbursed remains a mystery because the organization is operating without legitimizing documentation. (Working journalists:  please take note and investigate. Be sure to interview all of the people who have been kicked off the council for expressing their dissenting views).

This is more interesting than them. As I was leaving for work this morning I was delighted to note that a nest of snakes had slithered up a lily stalk and were hanging out on a rose calyx, basking in the warmth of the late morning sun. I counted seven - or eight - heads.  They were so intertwined, it was hard to tell how many there were.


  1. Fantastic! I see lots of garter snakes in my yard at this time of year, too, but never such a wonderful ball of snakes.

  2. That's great! Do they eat mice? it is the time of the year that the rodents are moving indoors for the winter ..

    1. Funny you should ask - lots of neighbors have been troubled by mice infestations recently. Wikipedia says that "gartersnakes, like all snakes, are carnivorous" and they'll eat whatever they can overpower. I'm guessing these snakes are feeding off of the surplus of snails and slugs I've got in the garden. I hope they are able to overpower mice!