Monday, November 29, 2010

Riding on the Radio

Someone from the Radio Boston team nabbed me on my commute late this morning to get my opinion on, um, I forget what the exact question was but it had to do the information generated by the Boston Cyclists Union Interactive Crash Map and how many of those crashes happened on Comm. Ave. I was so freaked about being late for a meeting at work that I blew my opportunity to articulate what really bothers me most about riding my bike in this town.

And that would be cell phones. Drivers (and cyclists) on cell phones - not just texting but talking on a cell phone while driving - really disturbs me, with just cause. Aggressive driving is also super annoying. As are pedestrians who ignore cyclists.  Incivility, really, is what bothers me with drivers, with cyclists, with pedestrians.  With people.

I didn't get to listen to the live stream but they just posted the podcast. That's me, "a young (ha!) woman named Michelle", with a partial rant at about 44:55 into the program.

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