Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dog Run? Dog Fight!

Someone in the neighborhood was wondering about the possibility of a dog-run here. Innocent enough query and yet Cerebus itself unleashed couldn’t have torn as many new assholes as the listservistas did in the past 24 hours.

The complaints ran all over the board but here are a few, paraphrased:

Dog owners don’t pick up their dog shit and need to do so. (Bad dog owners!)

Dog owners pick up not only their own dog’s crap but the crap left behind by people. (Good dog owners!)

How can we even be thinking about a dog run when our children and other members of our own species don’t receive adequate care. (Bad people!)

Dogs make the place safer because they sniff out nefarious people hiding in bushes. (Rrrrr.)

Dogs make the place safer because they sniff out nefarious bushes hiding in people. (Me making a really bad joke.)

Dog owners walk more than non-dog owners. (Bullshit!)

A dog run will make us the South End. (Fuck that!)

Oh, sure, let’s have a dog run but can someone give me a really good reason why we drove The Food Project out? (Yeah, I still don’t get that either.)

A good spot for a dog run might be that empty, fenced-in lot by the Black Jesus. (Why didn't we allow The Food Project in? And whatever happened to that ridiculous red herring of an Owl Sanctuary idea?)

How dare you insult the Black Jesus by suggesting we put a bunch of dogs next to him? (Sigh.)

Dogs aren’t the problem, people are the problem. (Amen!)

What exactly are you insinuating by “nefarious people hiding in bushes”? (Sigh, again.)

This used to be such a great and perfect neighborhood with incredible civic pride but all that’s vanished. There are so many new people… (I'm all sighed out.)

And on it went (and continues) with a few scattered cries for decency and neighborliness and tolerance. Woof.

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  1. Yes... all to the above!! You're right on. Here's to decency and neighborliness. I applaud your frankness on this subject!