Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let the Towing Begin!

April Fool’s Day has come and gone but if you’re not reading street signs, the joke’s on you. April is when the city picks up where they left off in November with street cleaning and the tow trucks were out in force this morning. We’re talking flatbeds so they can tow more than one car per truck.

As I watched the tow trucks pull away on Centre Street, I couldn’t help but feel a smidge of glee on behalf of my west-of-Highland Street neighbors. They’re squeezed by the influx of daily commuters who drive to the neighborhood, occupy much of the available street parking (RCC commuters take up the remainder), and then hop on the Orange Line at Roxbury Crossing.

Sorry Rozzie, West Roxbury, Hyde Park, Mattapan, and Milton. Getting towed sucks – it’s an awful waste of time and money. But if you parked on the wrong side of the street today, it’s time to pay up. Think of this financial contribution as a generous way of easing the city’s fiscal crisis: you’re adding more beans to the pot.

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