Friday, August 1, 2008

The more things change, the more people don’t.

Looking for new tenants. Ugh. It’s not much fun though I sometimes can delude myself into thinking it is. Think of all the new people you meet, the different lifestyles you’re exposed to. True in one way – even more so when looking for roommates- but these days the one lifestyle which keeps smacking me upside the head is rudeness.

So listen up all you craigslisters: you make an appointment, you keep it and if you can’t keep it, you call.

You’re probably the same person who’s on the phone while in the check-out line at the grocery store or at the coffee shop so I know you got a phone. And if you didn’t know it was rude to be on the phone while participating in a transaction with another human being, let me tell you something: it is!

But back to our appointment. I took time out of my day, adjusted my schedule to meet you. Sometimes I canceled or rearranged other plans. I’m happy – no, I look forward to meeting you so I don’t at all mind taking the time. But I do mind when the agreed upon time arrives and you haven’t. I’m not sure whether or not you’re just running late or if you’ve been hit by a bus. So use that cell phone.

You’re probably the same person who’s on the phone while sitting in the stall in the ladies room so I know you’ve got a phone. And if you didn’t know it was rude to be talking on a phone while sitting in a public restroom, it is!

I know things come up. Maybe you did get hit by a bus. Or maybe you had to stay late at work, or your kid got sick, or that really tempting girl finally asked you out. I’m sorry/thrilled for you. But use that dadblasted phone.

You couldn’t be the person dialing your cell while negotiating that corner in your car, could you? I have my doubts that you’re a decent driver with both hands on the wheel so you scare me when I see you gazing at your lap. If you didn’t realize that cell phone use impairs your driving ability , it does! So hang up and drive! And if you have the decency to call to let me know you’re not coming, pull over to dial.

In that past 2 weeks at least 6 people have scheduled to meet me and then not shown and not called. May the apartments they rent have callous, absentee landlords and lots of bedbugs.

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