Friday, January 18, 2008

Have you heard the one about...?

A man walks into a neighborhood. He wants to build some condos. The neighborhood says no so he goes to the City. The City says no. He goes to the State and the State says sure, go ahead, build your condos.

So the man builds his condos, oh, just around the time the housing bubble is on the verge of popping. He's only able to sell 4 or 5 of the units. To avoid losing his shirt, he converts the parking garages and basements into bedrooms and opens a Sober Home. Vulnerable recovering drug addicts and alcoholics are crammed into two and three bedroom condos without any support services. Units intended for 4-6 people squeeze in 4-6 people per bedroom, garage space, and basement, each person paying up to $120.00 a week. With garages converted to bedrooms, there’s no room for parking and small neighborhood streets become choked with cars.
Within a year at least three people in these Safe Haven Sober Homes are dead of overdoses.

Still waiting for the punch-line? So are we.


  1. This should be against the law,at elast against fire codes. Maybe someone should drop a dime to the fire chief?

  2. i live a block away, it's a really sad situation

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